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Animal feed and yeast

Operating both on Polish and European markets, the B&B Investment and Trade Company specializes in the trade of inactive dry fodder yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). We offer products of various protein content and mesh size. Among valuable feed additives and materials, fodder yeast is one of the richest products in respect of high quality digestible protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, amino-acids and simultaneously serves as a substantial energy source. It improves and balances the efficiency of feedstuffs and promotes animals' growth.  


The quality and safety of our products is confirmed by veterinary certificates and is continually tested by independent laboratories, which directly contributes to the great value of animal feed manufactured from our yeast. The brewing yeast - Saccharomyces cerevisiae - that we trade is grown under carefully controlled conditions. Therefore, the fodder yeast which we provide makes a complete ecological and healthy product to meet the demands of natural stock breeding. It is entirely free of GMO feed additives and the levels of heavy metals stay much below the acceptable amounts according to the EU norms. We ensure storage conditions that meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2009 and GMP+ standards.


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GMP+ Certificate

Continuing multi-level inner development plan that was introduced at B&B in 2011 we have taken measures to obtain the GMP+ certificate for our trade activity in Europe. We believe that in will enhance our performance and the quality of our services.   ...

Fairs in Moscow, February 2012

Investment and Trade Agency B&B in order to maintain a competitive offer both in respect of the price and the quality of our products, regularly participates in international fairs in Poland and abroad. Thanks to that we are able to efficiently monitor the market and assume a right approach towards current tendencies in agriculture industry. B&B building its image in the European market willingly invests its resour...

Employees at B&B

Aware of the requirements of the contemporary demanding markets, we take freat care of our emplooyees competencies and development. Thanks to that we are able to offer to our clients services of the highest quality and performance, which will certainly meet your expectantions. Below you can find some of our certificates. ...

ISO 9001:2008

Aiming high, in the third quarter of 2011 we implemented quality management systems and procedures ISO 9001. We are pleased to hereby inform you that having passed the ISO certification audit, conducted by TÜV NORD Poland, Investment and Trade Agency B&B was granted the above mentioned certificate (PN -EN ISO 9001:2009). We are absolutely convinced  it will increase the quality of our services. ...

B & B Investment and Trade Agency has an experience that made it has grown to become a leader in the fodder yeast wholesale, as well as its export and import. Currently we are working on extending our offer for further ecological feed additives of high quality, which make the pet food is much healthier, and translates into a higher efficiency of animal feed.

B&B Investment and Trade Agency, Poland
Yeast and brewing yeast. Animal feed and feed additives.
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